Know Your Size



To ensure that our garments fit you well, it is important that you pick the right size. In India, we do not have a uniform size code based on anthropometric studies. Each brand is left to its own methods to arrive at a suitable size set. After extensive research, we have devised a size set that has been honed to perfection in the last 11 years.

If you have worn a Mantra earlier, you don’t have to go through the elaborate ritual that we have suggested below. But if you have gained/lost weight or if you are planning to buy a Mantra for the first time, we’d advise you to follow one of these procedures –


A good measuring tape(in inches), A notepad, A patient friend


Wear well-fitted clothes. Measurement taken over baggy or heavy clothes like jeans or corduroys can be misleading.

Stand up straight against a wall and spread your arms out wide

Ask your friend to measure you

Jot down the measurements in inches in the given format.


Our size chart has 3 measurements in each category.

  • Body measurements - circumference of the body at that level.
  • Garment measurements – circumference of the garment at that level which should be about 1-2 inches more than your body measurements.
  • Garment measurements (front only) – Seam to seam measurements of the front side of the garment.

*in inches

Details Measurements S M L XL
Shoulder Body 14 15 16 16.5


Garment 15 15.5 16 16.5
Chest Body 36 39 41 45


Garment (circumference) 40 42 44 47


Garment (front only) 20 21 22 23.5
Waist Body 32 36 38 42


Garment (circumference) 36 38 40 43


Garment (front only) 18 19 20 21.5
Hip Body 37 40 42 46


Garment (circumference) 42 44 46 49


Garment (front only) 21 22 23 24.5

*Measurements may vary based on the design and style of the garment. Please check measurement chart of the garment you have selected for style-wise variations.



No two bodies are alike, but we can classify them broadly into a few categories.

Your body type would be -

Apple – if your chest measures wider than your hip.

Pear – if your hip measures wider than your chest.

Hourglass - if your chest and hip measurements are almost the same and you have a very narrow waist.

Banana – if your chest and hip measurements are the same and your waist is just an inch or so narrower.

Our sizes will suit you best if you are a pear type (thankfully most Indian women fall into this category) or an hour glass type. If you are a banana type, our sizes will fit you but will be a bit loose at the waist. If you are an apple type, you will not be happy with our fit. We plan to come up with a size set to suit your body type later, but for now, we are sorry to disappoint you.